About Us

Travel is an addiction of the perfect kind. Simply repeat & relish!

We don’t tread on the beaten path. Quite literally though and that’s why, The Hill Gypsy is certainly not your usual dose of travel in the  Himalayan region.  Needless to say we endeavor to offer a travelling therapy like no other does.

We are a proud product of the hills, where we aim to extend the best of Indian hospitality to the rest of the world. We not only venture into the unexplored terrains and less travelled hamlets. Come join us, and we take you away from the maddening tourist hubs. Therefore, treat your eyes and soothe your soul with the abundance of nature’s bounty. Absorb the cultural delights in a thoughtfully curated travel plan as we become co travelers with you. We also encourage you to take care of the environment, strengthening along the necessity for responsible tourism.

Join us for a holiday experience beyond the ordinary, to let you show how we take care of you and all your travel preferences. Begin your impending journey with The Hill Gypsy and get addicted to the mountains, if not already.

The Hill Gypsy Guests