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Return Travel in Innova/Traveler- All local transfers
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What can probably stimulate you with the simplicity of existence when the cities become uninspiring? How about a village Detox?

Here’s your chance to release yourself from the clutches of the urban mess. Come get addicted to the mountains. Calm your distressed senses in addition to refreshing your souls with a dose of fresh oxygen. Of course, in the quietude of a small, quaint village, nestled in harmony with nature. Soak your mind & body in the vicinity of a Himalayan village that lies in the lap of serenity. Inhale the essence of pahari hospitality in the most authentic way.

Let the Hill Gypsy take you on a rejuvenating holiday to the Karsog Valley in Himachal Pradesh for a village Detox trip, where we endeavor to take you on a journey like no other does.

Know Your Destination

Karsog located at a driving distance of about 100kms from the capital town of Shimla lies in the Pir Panjal range of Himalayas. It boasts of its pristine nature, untouched emerald green farm terraces and organic orchards. Interestingly, this place has not been disturbed by rampant tourism. The valley is peppered with old temple architecture that all link their histories back to the Mahabharata.

Trip Delights

  • The Village Detox trip is specially designed to give you the chance and pleasure to get one with the locals around. With this intention, a dedicated Village Tour in Karsog and Chindi has been formulated. It includes a village walk and a basic know how of village life in this apple region along with interactions with the locals for the purpose of understanding their cultural history and lifestyle in brief. Nonetheless, getting involved in activities that are centered around a short time stint with organic farming of fruits & vegetablesand cattle rearing.
  • Visit the beautiful Mashobra town on way to Karsog.
  • A dash of adventure in the hills to give you a dose of thrill. Enjoy water sports at Tattapani coupkled with hot springs on the Sutlej River. We want you to leave refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Enjoy picnic in the apple orchards at Chindi.
  • Take a short hike in the valle to Shikari Devi Temple (optional).
  • Visit the historically significant temples of Mamleshwar Mahadev, Kamrunag and Mahunag in the valley.
  • Visit Pangna village and see the legendry Bhim Rock.
  • Enjoy local cuisine & culture of the area.
  • We are immense nature lovers and care for our environment. We shall take you for a small plantation drive in the area. This will be your little contribution keeping in mind the declining forest cover in the hills.

Travel Facts

  • Our prices are all inclusive which literally means you do not spend a single penny other than any expense that is entirely personal in nature.
  • Prices per person include all transfers, accommodation, all 3 meals of the day in addition to evening tea and snacks. In like manner, it also includes all entry tickets, guided visits, mentioned adventure activities besides a few surprises and incentives for our guests.
  • We only deal in 3 stars and above rated properties, luxury villas and high end apartments & home stays. Other than that, we collaborate with properties only for a few destinations which do not have such availability although are comfortable, hygienic and offer a good view.
  • A detailed trip itinerary with regard to accommodation, transfers, day wise activities, and trip cost will be shared once you book the trip with us.
  • Additions such as extending the days of stay -adding a new destination clubbing another trip -upgrading to an accommodation of choice- subject to availability – changes or additions in the food menu and activities can be made to the trip other than the mentioned itinerary. It may incur an extra expenditure.

We at The Hill Gypsy will be more than happy to serve you and will sure get you addicted to the mountains, if not already.

We look forward to a long lasting alliance with you!

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