Temple Trails

Temple Trails Trips in Himachal

Devbhoomi or the land of Gods is what aptly describes Himachal as it is densely dotted with temples that are a significant architectural treasure of the hill state. Abode of many celestial beings and a prominent mythological connect, no wonder there is history and faith imbibed in every corner of the region.

There are various reasons to visit this slice of heaven on earth, yet the historic temples here, are amongst the prime ones. Be it the Hidimba Devi temple in Manali, the Masroor rock-cut temples in the Kangra valley, the ancient temples of Naggar, the Shiva temple in Baijnath, Bhimakali in Sarahan, the temples in Kinnaur to the lesser known ones in Banjar, Kangra, Shimla and Chamba, these temple treasures have intriguing tales to narrate and undoubtedly, form an important section of state tourism.

However, there’s a long list of the sacred shrines in Himachal, The Hill Gypsy aims to take you on a temple trail journey to the offbeat, less visited and some fairly unknown temples.