Covid-Safety Measures

As the coronavirus disease-COVID-19 spreads, THE HILL GYPSY continues to take precautionary measures to support the health, well-being, and safety of our team members and guests. We are also working to minimize any contribution to the spread of the virus and to take proactive measures in support of our communities.

We make sure you travel safely with us. We shall provide you with accommodations where necessary Covid protocols are followed, in Hotels, Home stay as well as the Camping sites and during Hiking trips.

What is it that THE Hill Gypsy is doing at their end to mitigate the risk of Covid’19?

The Hill Gypsy has created a detailed SOP to guard against Covid’19
  • It is not advisable to use the Air conditioner in the vehicle. It is advisable to keep all the windows open to ensure proper ventilation and fresh air flow.
  • As per the Govt. guidelines, requirements need to be fulfilled by the client for an e pass wherever required.
  • Client is required to get the Vehicle Pass issued by the appropriate Govt. authority.
As for the cab service we provide we make sure:–
  • After every ride, chauffeur is directed to clean and disinfect the vehicle using disinfectant. 
  • The common touched parts such as arm rests, seat belt and buckles, door handles, cup holders and window buttons will be properly disinfected immediately after the ride, using an alcohol based high grade disinfectant.
  • Regular training to our chauffeurs is given to ensure there is no physical contact with passenger or their bags (only greet the passengers with a smile and a ‘Namaste’).
  • Briefing our chauffeurs to ensure that doors of the vehicle should always be opened/closed by chauffeur only (not passenger) and passenger should not touch any areas of the vehicle interior or exterior with his own hands. Once the passengers are seated comfortably, they should not move around too much or and minimize their movements inside the vehicle.
  • Keep AC off, all windows should be open to ensure proper air ventilation.
  • Chauffeur should wear mask and gloves at all times and maintain social distance.
  • Hand sanitizer to be kept in all vehicles.
  • Remove items like Newspaper, Water bottle to mitigate risk of any germs.
  • Passenger and chauffeurs should have minimum verbal communication during journey to avoid any airborne bacteria.
  • Use of Arogya Setu App so that they can be alerted if they are near any infected  person.
  • Guest should carry their own Mask, Hand sanitizer and water bottle for the journey.
  • Once the guest is seated in the vehicle, they should avoid unnecessary movement inside the vehicle and should also avoid touching any buttons, AC vents etc.
As for the Hotels/ Homestay/ Camps/ Hikes we provide we make sure:
  • Doorman and managers will greet guests with folded hands (Namaste), while maintaining a safe distance, with no physical contact.
  • Hand sanitisers/disinfectant wipes and disposable masks will be available at the entrance of the lobby.
  • All guests will undergo temperature checks in the porte cochère before entering the hotel. Guests running a temperature of more than 99°F will be met by a hotel doctor to provide medical assistance and advise further course of action.
  • Handbag trays will be sanitised afer every baggage scan.
  • Hotel umbrellas will be disinfected after each use.
  • Car keys will be sanitised when they are lewith the doorman and when they are returned to guests.
  • All guides / local agents will undergo temperature checks at the porte cochère upon their arrival.
  • Any visitors with a temperature of more than 99°F will not be permitted to enter the hotel. Face masks will be mandatory and available for anyone who does not have one.
  • All baggage will be sanitised on arrival with correctly formulated disinfectant and the baggage scanning machine will be disinfected at regular intervals.
  • Each guest will find in their rooms a hand sanitiser for their personal use.
  • Medical kits available at the Front Desk; will now also include disposable gloves, face masks, safety glasses, PPE kit and bio disposable garbage bags.
Check In and Check out:-
  • Guests arriving from restricted countries or regions will be required to share detailed information, as prescribed by the Ministry of Tourism’s protocols, prior to arrival.
  •  All information required for registration will be requested in advance to reduce the time spent upon arrival.
  •  Digitised check-out formalities with e-bills and online payments will be available on request.
  • Guests are requested to advise check-out plans at least 60 minutes in advance so that the bills can be prepared in time for the check-out.