Village Detox

Village Detox Trips in Himachal

What can possibly make you feel refreshed and stimulate you with the simplicity of existence when the cities become uninspiring and the mundane grips you? Perhaps, a dose of fresh oxygen in the quietude of a small, quaint village nestled in harmony with nature can calm you distressed senses. How about a village Detox?

Village Detox in Himachal is all about relaxing your weary bodies in a harmonious environment away from the clutches of the urban stress. We let you soak your mind & body in the vicinity of a Himalayan village that lies in the lap of the snow clad hills and inhale the essence of pahari hospitality in the most authentic way.

Join us for a holiday experience beyond the ordinary and get addicted to the mountains as we endeavor to take you on a journey like no other does. Let the Hill Gypsy take you on a rejuvenating trip to a mystic hamlet for that piece of peace to let you show how we take care of you and your travel interests. Be our guest; relish our services & basket of surprises.